[Bell Historians] Big bells was Riverside bass bell

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I believe the Jim Hedgcock would have the information about the 3 attempts casting the Bourdon for Riverside Church from Jill Johnston's "England's Child"? I don't believe this information has been available before publication of her book. Were the rejected 2 monsters broken up--I sure hope so given the cost of material for those bells, Luckily Cyril kept all three till decision could be made to go with the first casting.

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“It was Jim Hedgcock (not me) who said that "three of these monsters were cast and rejected" after which the first was accepted. He was of course entirely correct. An expensive episode, though I understand that Rockefeller paid for the moulding, casting and tuning of all three. “
Presumably the two rejected bells were broken up? That can’t have been easy!

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