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No, I don't know about this one, but wonder if Andrew or his contacts are able to locate or even photograph two medieval bells which used to hang in the tower of St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury.They were sold "for churches in Madagascar" to Bishop Kestell-Cornish when the body of the church was demolished in 1871. 30 1/2" and 32" presumed by John ?Sturdy c1450 and Richard Hiklle c1420 respectively. It would be nice to know if they still exist, their location and even photographs. 

David Cawley

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      Does anyone know anything about this Taylors bell hung in St Paul's Theological College, Diocese of Antanarivo, Madagascar? I received the attached picture from a USPG missionary working there. The inscription looks like Malagasy (based on a google search) but I've asked him if he can read the whole thing. I can't find a picture of the church but from what I recall of his talk (some time ago) it was a good sized tower.


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