[Bell Historians] Minsters

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Sat Oct 11 19:02:54 BST 2008

At 22:05 on 10 October 2008, David Cawley wrote:
> Some Cathedrals have used the Minster title ...  It remained really
> a title of custom, or of honour, until quite recently when the
> "Minster Model" became a sort of buzz-word in certain areas of
> pastoral ministry - hence Rotherham Minster, Sunderland Minster,
> Preston Minster.

> Here, we remain Collegiate :)

'FTEL' 29 July 2005:

"The bell historians had taken note of the proposal to rename the
Diocese of Southwell as Southwell and Nottingham.  There were
disparaging comments about the practice of designating important
churches as minsters.  David Bryant thought it nonsensical.  David
Cawley accused him of being po-faced.  Was this a hint that St.  Mary
de Castro was in line for an upgrade?"

John Camp


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