1837 female Bellringer

Brian Meldon CanewdonBells at 4FvCbAFpj95VhqnUO2Hqj1Wz4_5dF9VqyS25-ohACEQ5L47C-RMcqD6tY2S45gdtgyBK1Qu2F4SSNIo9nD9pTBl_fJlS.yahoo.invalid
Tue Oct 14 12:28:52 BST 2008

Obviously today there are just as many female as male bellringers, and
in many towers the girls outnumber the men. However I have been told
that bell ringing was once an all male activity and the photos of
ringers from the past would support this. 
Does anyone know if this was a general situation or were there
exceptions and when did women become involved. 
The reason I ask is that in Canewdon one Elizabeth Daukins (also spelt
Dakins) was paid for the bell ringing at Canewdon Church in 1837 and
again in 1839, there are other ringing payments in the years in
between but no names are recorded. 
Was it really that unusual to have a female bellringer and possibly
even tower captain, at that time?
Brian Meldon 


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