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Sun Oct 19 13:12:45 BST 2008

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> Do the Church in Wales produce lists of bells which are listed for  
> preservation? If so, where could I get a copy for the Diocese of 

The Church in Wales does NOT have any official lists of bells 
comparable with the CBC (formerly CCC) lists for CofE (and now 
redundant CofE churches).  There is a tacit agreement (which means, 
in effect that it is not 'binding') to follow the CCC's Code of 
Practice in assessing the historic worthiness or otherwise of any 
particular bell.

Having said that, some contractors insist on incorporating a 
statement within their 'standard wording' of reports for a CinW 
tower/ring to the effect that "none of the bells is included on the 
CCC lists for the diocese" (or words to that effect which you will 
all probably recognise)!

The net effect is that a DAC and a diocesan chancellor will normally 
take into account the advice of the relevant DAC advisor - at least 
such has been my experience.


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