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Alan Ellis alan_ellis at ju1w8oVD1FfWqXK5DtT0jR8UToWHdj89Mik-dQ7h6amEJvU2Upew14QA9blH1tECTjitqiMwSn2wwg.yahoo.invalid
Sat Oct 18 01:03:09 BST 2008

Hello Everyone,

The Monk (5th) Edition of Campanalogia Improved is progressing painfully 
slowly.  9 of the 12 signatures are now complete.  So publication is 
still some time away.

No further facsimile editions will be published until Monk is printed 
and bound.  However, there are two items in preparation, namely Church 
Bells of Worcestershire (once agreement has been reached with copyright 
holders) and Clavis Campanalogia.

The problem I am having with Clavis Campanalogia is finding a copy which 
is complete but has a loose binding.   If anyone has one which might be 
borrowed and copied, I would appreciate hearing from them.   The copy 
would not have to leave the UK.
If anyone can assist, I would be very grateful.

Best wishes

Alan Ellis
Ellis Publications


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