c1280 Clock bell at Sonning

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Sun Oct 19 22:58:08 BST 2008

Can someone point me in the direction of further reading please .

Fred Sharp descibes this bell on pages 246-8 of Church Bells of 
Berkshire . It belongs to a group of bells having a hook armed cross 
including Enborne , Berks ; West Thorney , Sussex ; Sarnsfield , 
Herefordshire ; Llanallgo , Anglesey ; Netherwent , Monmouth and 
Bristol Cathedral . They were formed by the "cire perdue" process but 
I dont know what that is .

There is a link between Sonning and West Thorney with Exeter which is 
where he considers that these bells may have been cast .

Some years have passed since Fred died and its possible that someone 
has unearthed new facts . I would like to know something of its 
history .

 Sonning had its own Bishop at one time but the see was transfered to 
Salisbury .

David Willis


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