[Bell Historians] Enquiry from Ohio

Peter Trotman ptrotman at LNKjfFY83HGT0flfwp27v_OUBp4cFA1jaV1aIdA_QZzroellxh2D-6Sa0oaqM2Sj0gsa05EzH_XJA3gzyA.yahoo.invalid
Wed Oct 29 14:59:50 GMT 2008

By copy I'm forwarding this to Carl and to Dianne Cermak (the NAGCR PRO).

Peter Trotman

On 10/29/08, Chris Darvill <manager at h_iBYTxbBzZx-kXo6_IEzOHyxuxXSvndIZU7TCIQYVOu-Q6di2mgCkmXBl2kEh-tg5zVvJeh9Ryx2M_C55tVnsyJtg.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
>  Please can anyone help the person below, who has made an enquiry via the
> Learn to Ring webpage?
> From: "Madio, Chari" <CMadio at QnvtdsAdzAYdJXY4V3RxB5R_uSmZwcXT0JPWZg1jvS1xFqpwNj-8iciqQdVQvaqOu-q64X1qhSlHlLucMgNGmT1A_Q.yahoo.invalid>
>  To: "learntoring at o_MXOuxSZUS_-HXil5S-pH6QXvLgr806Fd2QybkBntc58T3x2bqR2Wrlez1h8VrHmouaDqufjIiRMeNqzf3SvRhGEBolidA.yahoo.invalid"
> <learntoring at o_MXOuxSZUS_-HXil5S-pH6QXvLgr806Fd2QybkBntc58T3x2bqR2Wrlez1h8VrHmouaDqufjIiRMeNqzf3SvRhGEBolidA.yahoo.invalid>
>  Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 10:19:09 -0400
>  Subject: Learn to ring
>  Actually, I have a question that has been haunting me for some time and I
> don't know who else to ask!  I work right next to St. John's Cathedral in
> Cleveland, Ohio (zip code: 44114).  At exactly 5:05 pm, the church bells are
> rung 27 times.  Exactly.  Every day.  And I have asked everyone I can think
> of as to the significance of the number but no one seems to know the answer.
>  Can you tell me the significance of the number of times a church would ring
> their bells?  Thanking you in advance for solving a mystery to me and all
> those working in the church's vicinity!
>  Chari Madio
>  Thanks
>  Chris Darvill
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