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Yes, it was inspected last Wednesday by Alan Hughes.


He couldn't give a reason for why it had cracked. Although, it was re-tuned
when Taylor's re-hung the bells in the 1990s. It cracked near to the point
where it is hit by the clapper. The 8 are full of small holes.


The bell will be repaired. The church isn't without funds.


I am sure that John Adams would be happy to let anyone interested see the
bells. They are rung every Wednesday from 12.30 to 1.10.





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Has anyone assessed it, or is anyone going to?

 Its always interesting to know the cause of  a crack?

Perhaps the origin of the crack will be apparent when it is opened prior to

Spotting origin is not necessarily going to show the cause.

All castings have small flaws and any crack will start at a point of

the cause could be the flaw, or the metallurgy, or excess loading.

excess loading is difficult. A warn and well bedded clapper may be o/k but
move it slightly, say for example to correct an odd struck bell, can result
in the impact point moving to the edge of the kiss mark, locally raising
stress considerably until it beds back in.

I believe, for example the failure of the old tenor at Watton at Stone
occurred because the leather wore away, allowing the clapper to strike to
far out on the sound bow, impacting the outer edge of deep and badly warn
kiss mark.

I repaired the leather twice on that bell and left  warnings about keeping
an eye on it the crown staple loop was badly warn on the inside and the
leather needed extra packing to hold it up in the correct position.

the large flat on the inside of the loop wore the leather badly so it needed
regular attention.





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It is to be welded. There is a 9" crack in the soundbow.



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Is there any further news about the tenor?
I assume that because of the rarity of the ring, welding rather than 
recasting would be the preferred option?

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