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"Should mining damage associated with crown staple removal be filled and
the crown accurately re drilled?"


This will be done if a crown crack is welded. I know I've seen a picture
of a bell somewhere (think it was one at Pinhoe, Exeter), where it had
been necessary to heavily cut the crown due to cracks, and when repaired
the bell was given a raised flat area on the crown, like a modern
canonless bell has. From other welded bells I've seen, this doesn't
appear to be common - most seem to be repaired with a slightly domed


"I believe technically it is possible to replace the cannons, if it is
possible to obtain the information necessary to make a decent replica."


Wasn't that done with one of the Barwell bells at Lydbury North in
Shropshire? If some of the canons are still present (as I believe was
the case on the bell here) they can be used as a pattern to cast
replacements to weld on.





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