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If it is to be welded, there is still an issue as to what is repair and
what needs conserving.
Should sound bow wear be filled?
If so there will be some change of tone and pitch.
Should mining damage associated with crown staple removal be filled and
the crown accurately re drilled?
I believe technically it is possible to replace the cannons, if it is
possible to obtain the information necessary to make a decent replica.
Its been noted the casting has some flaws, should areas of holes or
porosity be cut out and built back?
Should it be slightly re tuned?
Its a bell  presumably has a full tonal analysis, as it has an exact
frequency quoted.
I would guess a tuning expert would be able to say where a few extra mm
of metal could be added during the welding to make tuning give a much
better outcome.
It could well be that the area where more metal would be desirable is
where previous tuning attempts have been made, making addition a
restoration rather than an improvement. 'Would it matter if the tuning
had been attempted by the founder or many years later?

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