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Late night - after practice. Will ask CJP privately....

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List members visiting the Roadshow might like to know that the Swan
Bells stand will be offering a number of second-hand, nearly new and
rare books for sale. These are surplus items from the collection of
Laith Reynolds after his donations to the Swan Bells Library and other
ringing collections (including the ANZAB and ASCY libraries). Lists of
the available titles are available from me on request - and items can be
reserved ahead of the Roadshow. 
In addition, the Swan Bells stand will be selling copies of:
    John Scott's "Towers and Bells of Devon"
    David Cawley's "The Church Bells of the Channel Islands"
    Alan Ellis's facsimile publications
    and my own titles (Coventry, Bellframes) and the Bowell of Ipswich
The advantage of buying at the roadshow is that you can save on charges
of postage and packing for these titles
If you want further details, then please contact me direct - of visit
the stall at the Roadshow
Chris Pickford
4 Walmsley Court, High Street, Kinver, DY7 6HG
Tel: 01384 878435 or (mobile) 07811 453525
E-mail: c.j.pickford@ <mailto:c.j.pickford at vKAm1BVNRPN5H0hdLagRWfD511LeEpjN6ZwLLMBlgcEIY19AjT0Qs_XtrHg5B5YqlUyN4f2P4s1NpHf9n5o.yahoo.invalid> talk21.com or
(interchangeably) c.j.pickford. <mailto:c.j.pickford.t21 at 4ArXWRu2iuZpqi1s8DtNPKoglWwJdNLmt3pdmmOAFpnTZqXuUZaXdBCNKXpHhYn3FkC26gI892R5KiNl3pWKxbACuge1.yahoo.invalid>
t21 at doZ9EiVlF-YC8GASYrR2ltwsScqoKWXC6puo39I9IOjZqzEmuhcpcLXvDBch0ClP6xrdnNMvBg4GiIeF4A.yahoo.invalid


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