[Bell Historians] Which are the top 10 bell & /or bellhanging related books?

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Tue Sep 2 23:29:59 BST 2008

Obviously it depends on one's interests, but certainly Christopher 
Dalton's Church Bells of Dorset would be my top choice/ 3 choices (does 
it count as 1 or 3 books). The sheer quality of it is outstanding, 
perhaps matched only by the first volume of John Scott's Towers & Bells 
of Devon and almost by the second volume. Counting the above as two 
books rather than 5, my remaining 8 would be
Their Sound Has Gone Forth - Elizabeth Bleby ( a nice mix of ringing 
and bell history)
The Church Bells of Herefordshire - Frederick Sharpe (the Old Master)
The Church Bells of Sussex - George Elphick (the book for bell-frames)
Summoned by Bells - John Betjeman
Bells In England - Tom Ingram (I've got to include that as I play in 
the same quiz team as his son Patrick).
Standard Methods (just look at the section on Cambridge)
Dove's Guide (who can do without it)
and finally The Sound of Bells - Edgar Shepherd (pure nostalgia for a 
gentleman who helped greatly with my ringing development).
Of course one should also mention Dickon Love's websites on London & 
Kent Bells, but I don't suppose they count.
And go on David, be a devil and tell us the worst two!


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