[Bell Historians] Which are the top 10 bell & /or bellhanging related books?

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And about bells certainly I think you might include ENGLAND's CHILD by Jill Johnston.
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Obviously it depends on one's interests, but certainly Christopher Dalton's Church Bells of Dorset would be my top choice/ 3 choices (does it count as 1 or 3 books). The sheer quality of it is outstanding, perhaps matched only by the first volume of John Scott's Towers & Bells of Devon and almost by the second volume. Counting the above as two books rather than 5, my remaining 8 would beTheir Sound Has Gone Forth - Elizabeth Bleby ( a nice mix of ringing and bell history)The Church Bells of Herefordshire - Frederick Sharpe (the Old Master)The Church Bells of Sussex - George Elphick (the book for bell-frames)Summoned by Bells - John BetjemanBells In England - Tom Ingram (I've got to include that as I play in the same quiz team as his son Patrick).Standard Methods (just look at the section on Cambridge)Dove's Guide (who can do without it)and finally The Sound of Bells - Edgar Shepherd (pure nostalgia for a gentleman who helped greatly with my ringing development).Of course one should also mention Dickon Love's websites on London & Kent Bells, but I don't suppose they count.And go on David, be a devil and tell us the worst two! 

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