[Bell Historians] Which are the top 10 bell & /or bellhanging related boo...

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at R0fsdfDJafvsTivYUzM-N7_acZZI9IFaluwUFQQBiei9lEkPAE4X-CDiY_8SOw_IXx614PP66JBHMXPGiwRrcY9R8RLRr7w4.yahoo.invalid
Wed Sep 3 16:13:52 BST 2008

DLC "CJP I believe spent half-a-term's allowance purchasing North's Leicestershire."

Ah, but CJP was about to head off to Leicester Uni - so it was a useful purchase as well as a major one!

Not his first County Book, but an early acquisition

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