[Bell Historians] Which are the top 10 bell & /or bellhanging related books?

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Wed Sep 3 16:28:55 BST 2008

Wind indeed! Thanks, Andrew!!

Three more candidates have occurred to me - all very good, but perhaps not so well known as some of the others:

1. A.H. Cocks "Buckinghamshire" - surely the very best of the early county books (rather more thorough and better researched than Essex in my view), and ahead of its time in presentation of inscriptions, inclusion of documentary material and coverage of old frames and fittings

2. J.R. Nichols "Bells thro' the ages" - a rather better general work than Walters "Church Bells of England", largely because Nichols was a ringer and understood ringers and ringing, and also appreciated the technical aspects of the craft better than HBW

3. Bryan McGahey's "Peace and Good Neighbourhood" about St Luke's, Liverpool - a model of its kind, and one of the very best "single tower" histories

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