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It's unfortunate that the photo does not show more of the decoration on the bell.  Partially visible at the left side, there appears to be a plain cross standing on a triangular base.  I think that's a peculiarly Spanish ornamentation; if so, the triangular base might be composed of a geometrical assembly of lozenges.  In St.Louis, there are three Spanish bells of similar age, although more ornately decorated than this one seems to be.


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Subject: [Bell Historians] FW: Unknown Bell
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Anyone any ideas? It obviously isn't English.


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Subject: Unknown Bell

Any ideas as to where this bell may have come from?


"The inscription was barely legible, and only certain parts could be
deciphered. Our onboard archaeology team could see the date 1744 and
what appeared to be the following letters and indecipherable

------M * ISES DE DOH/MI ------ AP DEL-I FE------ "

Thanks in advance,

B Tracy

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