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David Bryant davidbryant at VllaJuyLU3heszX7WG1dLAXxKtRIDhvJZh6hD6brGhDhit0J320s4qHHI215fbUZwg2uBHvQ37uy5t5fxO5QcQ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Sep 9 15:42:59 BST 2008

> Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 09:09:30 -0400> From: B. Tracy> Subject: RE: Unknown Bell> To: davidbryant at yxq8FgjQHIhkzp7A-hcpBMYE7H3zYoPGbL3F3_mLD98sXo39q_4km1kzL6tNxHiC0tvb8aEzXcmZQK7BtJ-A_gE.yahoo.invalid> > Dear David:> > Thank you for your quick response.> > This is a bell that Odyssey Marine Exploration recovered this year somewhere> in or close to the English Channel. Discovery Channel is filming segments> for a new series that is due to air in early 2009.> > http://blogs.discovery.com/ocean_odyssey/2008/09/the-shipwreck-f.html> > The picture I sent you was the original one on the Discovery website that> was quickly replaced with the current one. I have no other information on> the inscriptions other than what is given in the article. The company has> the dimensions but will not release them until the series airs.> > Could you tell me why you think it is not English?> It seems a perfect fit to the bell of the "Royal George".> Also, 1744 is close to the launch of the Royal George.> > Once again, thank you for your help.> > B. Tracy           
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