John Harris at Whitechapel in 1724

Brian Meldon CanewdonBells at
Wed Sep 10 12:30:11 BST 2008

Has anyone any information on who John Harris was at Whitechapel in 1724?
We have a 1724 bill from Richard Phelps for the casting of the 2nd
bell for Canewdon on the 24th of September in that year and as well as
Phelps' signature twice, the correct weight of the bell, (now
corrected on Dove) and the weight of the old `broken' bell taken as
part payment, it also has a note from one John Harris who actually
received the payment from the Canewdon churchwarden John Clayton on
September 29th 1724. I would assume that John Harris was an employee
of Phelps. But I would like to be sure. It is possible that he was an
independent agent. There is a full record including dates and all
costs of every stage of the re-casting of this bell including the work
in the church, the transportation to London and even a payment from
the Canewdon blacksmith for the old clapper in the surviving church
Brian Meldon


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