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Sorry, boys: I read it interest and pleasure. 

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  I rest my case ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!


  On Thu Sep 18 3:06 , John Camp sent:

    At 19:47 on 17 September 2008, Robert Lewis wrote:

    > At 14:19 06/09/2008, Anne (Doggett) wrote:
    >>Village Bells by Alain Corbin, a work that has made me look more
    >>deeply at the significance and meaning of bells. Anne

    > This must be one of the most tedious bell books ever written - I also 
    > failed to get to the end.

    Being of dual nationality and bilingual (at least, I was when
    younger), I tried it in the original French. I managed the preface
    and the first chapter in bed last night before turning to something
    less soporific. I don't think I'll be making any further attempts.
    And there's an awful lot of it.

    (Anne also wrote: "It is ... well translated". Forgive me, but how
    does she know?)

    John Camp


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