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Sat Sep 20 20:58:01 BST 2008

John Greenhough has sent me some details of the bells in Burntisland.

He says that the Episcopal Church does not have a clock chime in it, 
as stated in earlier editions of Dove, it having a bellcote 
containing a small bell in one opening and a large megaphone in the 

He does say that there are two clock chimes in the town.  

Burgh Chambers or Town Hall (1845-6)
Westminster quarters plus hour bell (around note B) a tone below 4th 
quarter bell. Quarter bells sound at least near true harmonic but 
hour has clearly sharp hum. 

Erskine United Free Church (1900-3)
A true Westminster chime with hour bell (around note C) an octave 
below 3rd quarter bell. All true harmonic, added c.1925 with clock. 
Also original Wilson bell of 1903, 8-3-10, used for services.

Can anyone fill me in with details of where the first clock chime 
might be and the founders of the others?  Perhaps Dove mistook one of 
the latter two to be in the Episcopal Church????




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