Well Done!

Mike Chester mike at YY6EWHUXfW1fGO30eh0lC2_cYcTll1VYh20vM8ELR5ZEeFi7YETMT5xnC3m_LHuPpb8Gnz3Qr1jH8jebTLlLl4DX.yahoo.invalid
Fri Sep 26 19:31:02 BST 2008

I notice that basic details of the last ring of bells previously 
without any details has been entered into the Dove pNBR. 

I am sure that JCB will defer to those that have contributed the data, 
but we owe him "many thanks" for the huge amount of time that he has 
put in himself on this project.

There is still plenty of information that needs to be supplied, but 
this is a real milestone.



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