A 'Clouston bell'

John Baldwin Dovemaster at 3BPVa6iwvo2zaxwjhirFip40Y_2PQSosZItfubU5v1TozxLPOCZU3HamGT8DpXnTE5SBlrHjwwg35L5XS1Vr.yahoo.invalid
Mon Sep 29 21:39:00 BST 2008

I have been in touch with Peter Clouston, the webmaster of the Clouston 
website  http://www.clouston.co.uk  (about the impreciseness therein of 
Ranald's death - I was able to provide a precise date from the relevant 
RW2002/p332).  In his reply, he said, inter alia:

> I believe that there is a bell, here in Suffolk, which Ranald 
dedicated in memory of his wife but so far I have been unable to track 
it down. 

I have asked CJP: he does not know of one.  If anyone can supply an 
answer, please will they get in touch directly with Peter at: 
peter at cnI4Ies6ZzHUxZQ7JZqYLRwjv4N3NAQ76Yf_g7dLcCyr_u0AJvObB9QnUxCyTBT3sUozBowjVljE0JG80jDW.yahoo.invalid

Many thanks.


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