[Bell Historians] Pre-Reformation bells of Lichfield Cathedral

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I've just noticed a paragraph in the Victoria County 
History for Staffordshire, vol. 3 that mentions bells in 
Litchfield Cathedral in 1553:


> At the end of April 1553 five commissioners visited 
> Lichfield and seized all remaining vestments and ornaments 
> [...] Of the cathedral's furnishings all that appears to 
> have been left behind were 2 silver-gilt chalices with 
> patens, 6 cloths for the communion table, 24 old cushions, 
> a brass lectern, and the 12 bells in the towers.

Is anything further known about these bells?

There are several examples of prominent churchs and 
cathedrals having two rings of four, five or six bells at 
this time: Canterbury Cathedral, St Paul's Cathedral and 
Shrewsbury Abbey spring to mind; St Bartholomew the Great, 
Smithfield, might be a further example, as might Holy 
Trinity Priory, Aldgate; so it seems easy to believe 
Lichfield might be similar. But that of course is pure 


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