[Bell Historians] Pre-Reformation bells of Lichfield Cathedral

Richard Smith richard at UA5rJ80tCsHMxLLoge4in1bR0T26wiJhq7GQOSWeqVTiy2mB9KSuM67RVLBQ1Fs5jqgZX3UOxPRszqx6YA.yahoo.invalid
Fri Apr 10 09:44:26 BST 2009

John H Allen wrote:

> The link to the bells section of our cathedral web site.

> http://lichfield-cathedral.org/life-and-work/groups/77/314

Perhaps I'm missing something, but I don't think the 
cathedral website says anything that the VCH paragraph I 
quoted didn't mention: namely that in 1553 there were 12 
bells distributed around the towers.  Is anything further 
known about them?  Their weights or founders, for example? 
Or how many in which towers?



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