St Georges Day ringing at Canewdon?

Brian Meldon CanewdonBells at
Wed Apr 15 10:02:54 BST 2009

 In the accounts for Canewdon it would appear that they paid for bellringing on 23rd April from 1823 to 1834. I would assume that this was for St Georges Day; however it is not listed as such. In fact it is not listed as anything apart from in 1832, 1833 and 1834 when it is listed for `Kings Birthday'. In 1834 they also list May 28th ringing for `Kings Birthday'!  However King William 4th (Reign: 1830-1837) birthday was on August 21st and his official Birthday was on June 4th. These are not the payments dates but the days that the bells were rung. 
Clearly there is/was some confusion, has anyone got any suggestions as to why.
All the other ringing dates at Canewdon from 1690 to 1847 when the ringing payments stop are easily accounted for.
Brian Meldon


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