Ringing Dates [Was april 23rd ringing]

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As many of you are probably aware it was in fact law for every church and chapel in the land to celebrate 29th May `Thanksgiving day' and November 5th `Salvation from Gunpowder Treason'. These laws were not removed from the statutes until 1859. 
At Canewdon they paid for ringing on 29th May in every year that there are ringing payments recorded, but ringing on Nov 5th stopped after 1822.
They also rang for the monarch's birthday, coronation day and on Christmas day each year and from 1788 onwards on New Year's Day as well. There were other events listed when the bells were rung and all are traceable, but the reason for the unusual `kings birthday' ringing dates in the Reign of William 4th remain a mystery.
The cost of ringing the five bells at Canewdon was 2s 6d in 1697. By 1705 it had risen to 5s then it continued to rise until 1813 when it reached £1. From 1822 it had reduced again to 15s and remained at that price until regular ringing payments stop in 1847. 
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