[Bell Historians] Anyone recognise this location?

Sue Marsden erincaters at es0aBLbbFcWV1ElIZCwJjB8jOGulPZZPnCGbpMUed6Gil-DyJclpSAQ_DvpAzFxXm46JMo3ViMHQ2mmDhw0AErGDMpY.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 21 16:17:56 BST 2009

2009/4/21 Andrew Bull <a_m_bull at SQ7gGf_qduyecXZICDxLP_213qgzcBHOKD9SkYAR8UURAp1XeUwrKJrvqEy5AXl_ljdwIkDYv3o8YGSZ4vU.yahoo.invalid>:
> Isn't this on one of Christopher J Cooper's recent ringing tours? The
> video's probably on Utube.
> Andrew Bull

:-) !!
BTW, his letter in this week's RW was the longest I have read which
manages to say absolutley nothing! (probably off topic, sorry)



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