[Bell Historians] Anyone recognise this location?

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> "I'll guess at St Matthew's Kingsdown, Bristol. Perhaps Nick Bowden or
> someone closer may know better."
> Looks right from what I remember from ringing there a year or so ago. I
> think Phillip Pratt is on this list - he can probably confirm whether it
> is or not.
> David

I am afraid it isn't of St Matthews Kingsdown. 
A few points that I can think of; 
The trap door in the floor is not hexagonal/octagonal. 
The entrance door to the ringing chamber is not under the ladder/staircase.
The ladder/staircase at Kingsdown has a platform in the corner about the same height as the ladder support shown in the photo, where it turns the corner and continues up. The photo shows an almost continous ladder with a support propped against the wall.
The tenor rope, pre electrification of the organ & construction of the box, used to fall down within 150mm of the wall where the ladder is shown in the photo.
Also, a (now disused) Victorian heating/ventilation system is present in the North and South rooves of the church, consisting of approx 1000mmH x 500mmW ducts which enter the ringing chamber through doors in the eastern corners of the north and south walls of the towers at a height of approx 2m. These dont appear to be present. (Im not sure how the system worked though!)




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