[Bell Historians] Re: Anyone recognise this location?

Philip Denton philip_denton at DxZpl_bIrFKWGQNY2Czz-DUrrjR80HakwqmnK70lHqpFc3tVXMSK215mUoUOndeFNJjI-uq0__t7hTRdLTNB.yahoo.invalid
Wed Apr 22 18:45:47 BST 2009

>  Looking at the ropes I would say there are more than 8 bells in the

>  tower.

>  Nick

There seem to be six ropes clearly visible in the background and two in the foreground. There is also just visible the sally of another background rope behind the foreground rope on the right, making nine in total in the picture. Given the position of the foreground ropes in relation to the rest, likely to be a twelve bell tower, surely, with three ropes out of the picture.





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