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Thu Jan 8 00:00:34 GMT 2009

Does anyone on the list know the full history of 
the Warner eight at St. Mary's, Oatlands Park in 
Surrey?  I believe the bells were reputedly cast 
for the Delhi Durbar.  From the church website 

The eight bells of St Mary's were originally 
intended to be hung in India, in celebration of 
the Durbar of 1911.  However, the scheme was 
cancelled and they were subsequently used in the 
Festival of Empire at the Crystal Palace.  They 
also featured in an epic performance of Max 
Reinhart's play "The Miracle" at Olympia.  It was 
there that the Vicar of St Mary's heard the bells 
and was so impressed with their sound that an 
offer was made to the founders John Warners.  In 
1913, the bells were hung, for a total cost of £550-10-0d.

It would be particularly interesting to know what 
plans were actually made for using the bells in 
India and why the scheme foundered. This has the 
makings of a possible feature for the RW.

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