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> I personally do not much like large rope circles, and cannot really
> detect modest rope draw.
> Radial frames use large spaces well, but are difficult to modify if
> extra bells are installed.
> o/k the hole in the middle will take the odd extra sharp or flat if it
> is not filled with a Bordon.
> I was told they would like to augment Washington but could not do it
> without  major engineering  changes, more than could be justified.

That was not my understanding at all. Apart from the last 18 months, 
I've been a ringer at Washington National Cathedral for nearly 40 
years. Some 5 years ago we were excited to be told that plans were 
underway for 3  extra bells. I have seen the plans which simply 
involved opening the circle to allow one bell & for two others to be 
hung in the centre. If there were any engineering problems, it is my 
understanding that they had been resolved.

Unfortunately the new Cathedral administration set priorities on 
building an underground car park. This has been completed & must have 
cost billions. I have heard nothing more of future plans to extend the 
current ring of ten.

Eddie Martin


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