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Absolutely agree - well done Philip Earis.


Having worked with Brian Blessed and knowing how tough live radio is, Philip
did a good job and made ringing seem intelligent, accessible and fun. And
even better - young.




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At 09:48 14/01/2009, George wrote:
>___ Very interesting to hear young Mr Earis on Radio 4 this am.
>I was amused to hear him on the heritage aspects knowing that the 
>bells heard by many generations of 'alumnii' (his word) at a church 
>in the centre of Cambridge are to be consigned to retirement & a 
>brand new ring supplied.

I thought Philip did really well to get a word in edge ways with the 
larger-than-life Brian Blessed dominating proceedings, and having 
been branded early in the programme as a "geek" by presenter Libby Purves.

Most of what Philip said seemed eminently sensible and intelligible 
to the lay person - including his parting shot that ringing is fun 
and safe (in response to the inevitable "do you get hauled up to the 
ceiling?" question.



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