Fw: St Botolph Westwick, Norfolk

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From: Westwick churchwarden
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 5:49 PM
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Subject: St Botolph Westwick, Norfolk

Dear Sir,

I have found your very interesting site.

I wondered if perhaps you could suggest where to start looking about the 
Bell which hangs in our church?

The tower is a fine one and I would have thought that originally it could / 
would have held more bells than the single one we have.

I am a very new church warden and do not know where to start - I have yet to 
explore the tower!

The bell was restored a few years back and we get it swinging and it tolls 
for our services.

Weswick is a very small parish (56 adults on the Parliamentary Electoral 
Roll) and only 4 of us on the church roll - so any help information would be 
received very gratefully.

Many thanks for your time.

Kind regards

Chris Sanham
Church Warden
St Botolph Westwick 


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