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L'Estrange lists one bell inscribed "Anno Domini 1624". GAD's NBR
spreadsheet agrees, adding that the founders are William & Alice Brend.
L'Estrange says that there were previously three bells, weighing 10, 12 and
18 cwt. One was "split" and the other "never used", and were sol din 1780.


Andrew Bull



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From: Westwick churchwarden
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Dear Sir,

I have found your very interesting site.

I wondered if perhaps you could suggest where to start looking about the 
Bell which hangs in our church?

The tower is a fine one and I would have thought that originally it could / 
would have held more bells than the single one we have.

I am a very new church warden and do not know where to start - I have yet to

explore the tower!

The bell was restored a few years back and we get it swinging and it tolls 
for our services.

Weswick is a very small parish (56 adults on the Parliamentary Electoral 
Roll) and only 4 of us on the church roll - so any help information would be

received very gratefully.

Many thanks for your time.

Kind regards

Chris Sanham
Church Warden
St Botolph Westwick 


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