[Bell Historians] Re: Dual stays [1 Attachment]

Carl Scott Zimmerman csz_stl at 3pU4WYU8eqZBCU4bk94dRwTymaKA0_2rJHy5d4oNJeRcb5YznaEobFMAcFUfnC8HSBugbVaEQDxG4kg.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jul 8 00:08:35 BST 2009

 From the photo of the 1905 Soames installation (posted by Peter 
Trent), it appears that we're not actually discussing "dual stays", 
but a single stay with a two-legged (or "wishbone") method of 
attachment.  I cannot imagine a practical mechanism whereby two 
separate stays could usefully function.  It would be helpful if the 
original poster could tell us something about the slider(s) involved 
in what he observed.



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