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Wed Jul 8 11:01:45 BST 2009

Carl is absolutely correct about the "wishbone" stay being effectively a single item with a double method of attachment. I have seen a two stay arrangement, where there was a conventional stay, slider and runnerboard, also an iron horizonatal latchet stay with the remains of a metal pendulum slider, and a metal stop bracket. The pendulum itself had been removed, suggesting that the conventional stay had replaced the latchet arrangement rather than been in use at the same time. "Sequential", rather than "double" stays? Where it was I don't remember and after my boo-boo over Costessey, I shan't hazard a guess.

Bell stays almost invite a site of their own, so many and sometimes arcane are the substitutes for the proper thing. Where was that incredible place - I think it featured on this list - where the stay pointed downwards and engaged a slider in the roof?

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