[Bell Historians] Early Change Ringing.

Anne Willis zen16073 at 34CvY7GFW1rkcxj-pWRHDHQ-F7y_b3yEtFNkyTnIouAg8XlI8d8I6XYVR27MebNPGiu9GshJUCy7EPtK.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jul 14 10:31:19 BST 2009

The church where I ring had four bells at one time with half wheels. The
bells are dated  Mid 15th Century, 1600 and 1623, one has been recast into
others. I have been asked what kind of (change) ringing took place at these
Alan A.J. Buswell

It would probably have been dead rope ringing, so there would have been no
hand and back strokes.



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