[Bell Historians] Early Change Ringing.

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RAS wrote

Blimey. When I said "I could easily believe that Sixty on 
Thirds also dates to the first half of the seventeenth 
century", I had assumed that this would remain a matter of 
conjecture. I certainly didn't expect to shown firm 
evidence of them being in use by the middle of that century. 
Thank you for mentioning it.

There is no certain date; the empty pages could have been used as scrap

I'm not sure whether you've realised, but the figures in the 
left and middle columns you've quoted from the Wootton 
Bassett registers are exactly Sixty on Thirds, but without 
the inital and final stages of calling the bells into and 
back from queens. 

No, I hadn't realised about the Queens. 

It has been a long time since I last looked at that register.  I am not able
to do much Record Office work at the moment, but when I can get there I will
have another look and see about the writing.  

It's amazing what gets into church registers.  Somehow a page from
Hannington's churchwardens' accounts has got bound into the register which
is very informative about their Purdue bells which seem to have been cast at

Hannington:  p.75 from parish register (WSRO1819/2).


            Our bells of this parish of Hannington were cast into five being
before but three in the yeare of the LD 1639; they were first plac'd in the
tower and ringed the 31 of December p'dict.  This worke was done by the
industry of John Stubbes Mr of Atrs and Vicar of this place:

            Hump: Yorke cooaptor & part free guift of

                                        Ralfe Freke)   Dom

                                    William Freke)   Manerii

Humphrey Yorke was church warden from 1641-1647, and among his disbursements
are the following undated entries:


            for carringe the bells to & from highworth at 3/- the carriage

            for my expences at highworth when the bells were cast     3/-

to Nicholus for bringing a load of bels from highworth


>From the register:

            The trebell weigheth       5  0  9

            The Second                   5  0  11

            The Third                       6  0  2

            The Fourth                     7  3 15

            The Fifth                        10  2   11



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