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Andrew Aspland aaspland at
Thu Jul 16 18:33:27 BST 2009

Dear Historians
Could you indulge me with some very recent history (so recent it may be in
the future) and allow me to pick your technical brains?

I have a DAC proposal infront of me which includes removing a 120mm by 120mm
I section steel beam and replacing it with a 152 by 89 RSC (rolled steel
channel?).  This beam currently spans a window opening, being built into the
brickwork either side, and supports the ends of two steel bellframe beams.
The replacement would be bolted to the inside faces of the wall either side
of the window opening and take over the job of supporting the beam ends.
The "fixings into the wall to be stainless steel with neoprene isolation
washers.  Fixings to be made into brickwork joints where possible." There
are six bolts proposed at each end of the beam though the bolts' dimensions
are not given. This is to allow room between the louvres and the steelwork
for a telecommunications antenna.

I have reservations about chopping up bellframes to get antennae in and I
would appreciate the technical people commenting on the suitability of the
replacement beam.  My own feeling is that the strength of the new beam may
well be equal or even better than the former BUT the fixings concern me -
bolting onto the surface of the brickwork seems a lot less satisfactory than
building ends in.

I need to respond to the DAC fairly quickly.  Could members of this list
please comment on the proposals?



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