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Tue Jun 9 22:20:53 BST 2009

Perhaps it would be useful for Richard Holladay to have a look at Zennor
bells?  They are mostly Gillett & Johnston 1926 which suggests that they
were hung in a new metal frame then.

On other aspects of their foundry work, he mentions that Garton and King
made street furniture and gas fittings.  There was another significant local
manufacturer of gas fittings nearby, Willey of Exeter.  In the late 1940s
and early 1950s they produced their own distinctive design of gas street
lantern, known as the "Cranford".  It is very likely that Willeys purchased
the columns to go with it from a local iron foundry.  I suggest that Richard
contacts Roger Brien [roger.brien at mA-pFhfTTGa9WzchpthCBMu-_ht9rM2GSytjVqFxwFvlsfKGLIk-NQulzmxS5YvZpBh8AxDpd_9qYsASH6TyPMybA9UM.yahoo.invalid] who may be able to
provide more information about this.

Peter Rivet


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