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Anyone?? I've already suggested that he seeks out the Devon bells book, if 
he hasn't already.


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Subject: Garton & King Ltd

Dear Sir,
I am researching the family business, Garton & King Ltd whose history 
extends back to 1661.  The foundry in Exeter (firstly in Waterbeer St, then 
at Tan Lane from 1939 - 1979 was an iron foundry and a brass foundry.  They 
produced all manner of articles from street furniture grates gulleys grilles 
lamp standards bollards, manhole covers, inspection covers, radiators  and 
cottage and kitchen and commercial stoves ,  gears,  pulleys and all manner 
of castings - they also made Frames for Church Bells and I am trying to 
chase up and find examples of their products still existing today.  In the 
Devon Record Office my father (now deceased) the last Managing Director, 
placed much material and I attach a photo of a (so I am told) Bell hanging 
frame cast at Exeter Foundry (The name Exeter Foundry was the postal address 
for Garton & Kings premises firstly at Waterbeer Street Exeter then, from 
1939 on the Tan Lane Foundry)  I contacted Matthew Higby of Bath and 
forwarded him the photo - his reply was:-

Dear Richard, Thanks for your email and pictures. That is indeed a cast iron 
bellframe for Church Bells - cast for Harry Stokes of Woodbury (Church Bell 
Hangers) ยข1900 - 1924. It seems sensible that they bought in the cast iron 
components from local foundries (I get mine from a firm in Brixham).

I came across your website and further mention of Exeter Foundry in 
connection with a cornish church  (St Senara, Zennor)- can youi enlighten me 
as to exactly what business "Exeter Foundry" is ?   and secondly you mention 
having contact with a descendant of Harry Stokes of Woodbury - it may be 
that there exists some records of the item in the photo and the records that 
Roger Stokes has access to and how might I contact him?

Garton & King, their predecessors Garton & Jarvis, King & Munk and Samuel 
Kingdom are all part of the history of the family business - they had many 
irons in many fires - Heating,, ironmongery, stoves, ranges, stable 
ironwork, brass fittings,kitchenware and agricultural tools, railings and 
gates and decorative ironwork, gas fittings and fixtures and greeenhouse and 
hothouse ironwork boiles heating apparatus, and fittings.  Their (heating) 
work was throughout the south west and their products (ranges stoves etc) 
exported to the dominions.  The had extensive works over the years in 
numerous churches in the south and south west - finding examples of their 
work other that literally in the street and roadway (gullies & covers) is 
difficult to trace and to create an interesting and accurate and informative 
website (which is what I am currently trying to do) it is my aim to give 
examples wherever possible of their work that exists today - you and your 
colleagues help in the Bell Ringing and Bell Interest fraternity would be 
greatly appreciated and anyone knowing of or coming across items with any of 
the names I have listed  above I should love to hear from - maybe someone in 
the future may see an item in a church and knowing of my interest  might, as 
an offshoot of this letter, contact me or remember having seen something.
I appreciate your time and effort and hope you may be able to help with my 
specific queries and spread the word generally - many thanks
Richard Holladay 
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