[Bell Historians] Great Malvern - 2 possible points of law.

John Camp camp at oofY7Q76VuwSFXRpb0WP026MPiSPGCyIOB03B3BL1NwZL-OPJcAC4CQaS7lTjPAuzC7WiU9FLOfJrG8wdTE.yahoo.invalid
Sat Jun 20 11:57:11 BST 2009

At 11:37 on 20 June 2009, Chris Frye wrote:

>>Peter Rivet wrote: 

>>"...the same rules apply to faculty applications as to applications for
> Listed Building Consent."  

> I'm not sure that I can accept this statement as a generality and applying
> in all circumstances eg are local planning authorities bound by decisions of
> the Court of Arches? Does the CofE faculty system have to conform with the
> requirements of the Listed Building Act 1990 sections 7 to 9 regarding
> Listed Building Consent?

Have you looked at the C of E's guidance on these matters?  It can be
found at

John Camp


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