[Bell Historians] Great Malvern - 2 possible points of law.

Chris Frye Chris at t5KXYnsH0jQlXdXL48pKTQaoTo_gqnQApCNUKkS5n_Y5NoVXhe-YOQLHCCgRm3XfuEv70SwasA.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jun 26 13:11:35 BST 2009

>John Camp wrote:
>Have you looked at the C of E's guidance on these matters?  It can be
>found at

Many thanks for that, I have looked at it in detail. It is a very nice
document for its intended purpose. 
I see that "features" are mentioned 6 times and brought into the discussion.
However their treatment seems to stay quite close to that suggested by the
Maidstone judgement for the effect on the building eg at 3.3: "...any
changes you propose will need to be examined carefully in the context of
their effect upon the building and its character." To my mind this suggests
a somewhat different emphasis to that which Charles Mynors adopted.   

Chris Frye. 


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