[Bell Historians] Restorations etc

David Cawley dave at Ae1Spxbl2PI3ZWMZu72-aLSxzYvdn88GDnOtlzYzYhly0dQIcCzpJoNPcPT3GjyBv0CDW_IMONNNIUihL_nqU7-ca7LlKg.yahoo.invalid
Thu Jun 25 09:25:53 BST 2009

  "I believe this is a serious point. Bad netiquette devalues an email group. 
  If info is hidden within streams of repeated messages then it gets lost. 
  Fortunately yesterday was just an idle rally (well it is Wimbledon week) 
  between the 2 hemispheres, but if this list starts behaving like nabbers 
  then it would lose readers (and their moderator has the same attitude of 
  'tough' which is a shame). I hardly read nabbers now because it is too much 
  hard work. I am sure others feel the same."

  I am fully in agreement with Mike and Dickon over this issue, so can 
  everyone please try to do as requested, i.e. only quote relevant text in 
  your response.

  I believe that in three or the four  long (serious) contributions made by Rod Bickerton and myself it was necessary to follow on the original text in extenso. Certainly, bad netiquette was not intended.


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