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Mike, bear in mind that the remaining bells were not touched in 1952; so far
as I know the remaining bells, all Thomas Mears II 1812, remain as they were
cast. If I remember rightly, the entry in the Taylor job book gives no
details on the other bells, simply noting that ball-bearings were fitted at
the same time. My guess would be that the job was done on a tight budget,
that the 2nd and 6th were found to be cracked in the crown during the course
of the overhaul, and they were simply recast with the same nominals. These
two bells were put back on the existing fittings, except for new


Certainly they are not the most tuneful of octaves; I would say that they
are poor even for the founder.


Andrew Bull



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I rang here for the first time yesterday. We did not find the the most
tuneful ring of the day. The second and the treble were noticeably not a
semitone apart. The 2nd and 6th were recast by Taylors when the bells were
rehung in 1952. Given that some of their best rings were cast around this
time, one wonders why the second seems not to fit.

It is just our ears, or is there a story being this and they had to produce
a bell to this specification?


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