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Mon Jun 29 12:25:55 BST 2009

 We would all have different views on this one, Hampshire has improved
significantly in the last decade, as has Kent, not much has happened in
Hertfordshire, which has very few half way decent rings, and I remember
it being just as well Cornwall has wonderful scenery, Its not so much
the tonal quality as spending whole days in sad damp towers with similar
6's. Cornish tower grabbing in winter...... 

The best counties, what is the consensus?


At 08:21 29/06/2009, Chris Pickford wrote:

	CJND used to say that the worst counties for bells (tonally)
were Berkshire, Hampshire, Shropshire and Kent!

I don't have sufficient experience of Kent or Shropshire to comment on
those counties - but I certainly think CJND was right about right about
Berkshire.  Are there any really first rate rings in the county? Cannot
say that I have come across anything spectacularly good in Hampshire yet
either, although I like Portsmouth Cathedral. 

Presumably Berkshire and Hampshire have always been relatively
prosperous counties, so it seems strange that there are so few good
rings of bells to be found thereabouts.


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