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Glad to see that a bit of provocation still causes the old WA dog to bark!

Of course all the counties listed by CD have SOME good rings - and I agree that some of the worst Kentish rings have been improved by tuning or "re-processing" in recent years - but the exceptions don't necessarily invalidate the judgment. There's still a predominance of pretty grotty sounding stuff in quite a few areas - and I'm not quite sure how East Anglia escaped CD's condemnation (or perhaps it didn't and I'd just forgotten).

As to the best, I'd nominate Yorkshire - not only because it has a real wealth of very fine rings, but also for the potential fun of watching the tykes squabble over which Riding or what modern administrative area has the best bells. Squabble among themselves, that is, after the War of the Roses had ended with Lancashire conceding that although its best rings hold their own in any contest their county still has more than its share of C18th and C19th rings of indifferent character. 

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