Publication of Campanalogia Improved (1766) , 5th or the J. Monk Edition

Alan Ellis alan_ellis at
Mon Mar 2 00:08:15 GMT 2009

At long last my embarrassment concerning the one year's delay of the 
publication of this book is over.

The publication date is March 2nd and copies already ordered will be in 
the post by the end of the week.

For those who have already ordered or who might wish to order now, the 
price remains GBP40.00 but the price in the new list, soon to to be 
advertised in the Ringing World, will be GBP45.00.   This is mostly due 
to the cost of having the pages 'cleaned', which was a necessity to 
ensure a quality product.   A large drop in the value of the Pound has 
not helped!

Although 'Ancient Church Bells in England' slipped through, the 
intention was not to publish anything new until Monk had been 
published.   Now that that has occurred, the projects in the pipeline 
include 'Church Bells of Worcestershire', 'Church Bells of Shropshire' 
and perhaps 'Church Bells of Oxfordshire' if negotiations with the 
trustees of the Sharpe Collection Trust are successful.

Best wishes

Alan Ellis



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