[Bell Historians] Publication of Campanalogia Improved (1766) , 5th or the J. Monk Edition

william.butler13 at pzgNMIdZLRcPzWDbhmgwLNl7obANeQTmQvG5HdTbLmi1M3Sn6p-okWumfh9GfbB2vhsrv70eGvOg12yT81seG6M5CzC8T5XO.yahoo.invalid william.butler13 at pzgNMIdZLRcPzWDbhmgwLNl7obANeQTmQvG5HdTbLmi1M3Sn6p-okWumfh9GfbB2vhsrv70eGvOg12yT81seG6M5CzC8T5XO.yahoo.invalid
Mon Mar 2 12:28:46 GMT 2009


Did I order the Monk? If not, put me down for one. (But not two!) I'd also like the Worcestershire and Shropshire.

Please request the money: I'm getting very forgetful!

Best wishes


---- Alan Ellis <alan_ellis at BreUJCCjEXmfVJRS7yhagmKf6cIf9ptZ4TJkno1meC-zT9OI-sHNt4h_pZRdjpcO-amVZE5M_DnGGCSD.yahoo.invalid> wrote: 
> At long last my embarrassment concerning the one year's delay of the 
> publication of this book is over.
> The publication date is March 2nd and copies already ordered will be in 
> the post by the end of the week.
> For those who have already ordered or who might wish to order now, the 
> price remains GBP40.00 but the price in the new list, soon to to be 
> advertised in the Ringing World, will be GBP45.00.   This is mostly due 
> to the cost of having the pages 'cleaned', which was a necessity to 
> ensure a quality product.   A large drop in the value of the Pound has 
> not helped!
> Although 'Ancient Church Bells in England' slipped through, the 
> intention was not to publish anything new until Monk had been 
> published.   Now that that has occurred, the projects in the pipeline 
> include 'Church Bells of Worcestershire', 'Church Bells of Shropshire' 
> and perhaps 'Church Bells of Oxfordshire' if negotiations with the 
> trustees of the Sharpe Collection Trust are successful.
> Best wishes
> Alan Ellis


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